Stretch Yoga Workshops

Every month, we present a range of captivating workshops. These sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to delve further into a particular practice, style, or experience, allowing you to deepen your understanding and enrich your overall journey with us.

Upcoming Workshops

Recharge & Renew: Restorative Yoga

With Kaitlyn Sandona

1.45 pm, March 10th, 2024

Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Restorative Yoga is more than just stretches; it's a conscious immersion into relaxation. Using props and guided poses, this practice dives deep, allowing muscles, ligaments, and your very soul to release and restore.

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Roll & Release: Myofascial Therapy Ball Workshop

With Charlotte Kessler

6.45 pm, March 15th, 2024

Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Learn to use specialised therapy balls to release tension and adhesions in the lower body. Charlotte will guide you through techniques to enhance your understanding of self-myofascial release and empower you with practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

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Yin & You: Unlocking Inner Peace Pose by Pose

With Victoria Gill

1.30 pm, April 14th, 2024

Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquility with our exclusive workshop, "Yin and You - Unlocking Inner Peace Pose by Pose." Join us for an enriching two-hour session designed to introduce you to the profound benefits of Yin Yoga while guiding you through modifications tailored to your unique body.

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Chair Yoga: Empowering All Bodies

With Matt Mulcahy

12.30 pm, April 20th, 2024

Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Join us for Chair Yoga and embark on a journey towards improved strength, flexibility, and inner harmony. Discover the joy of movement, the serenity of breath, and the profound sense of well-being that awaits within. Reserve your spot today and embrace the transformative power of Chair Yoga.

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Each month we have a variety of offerings, courses and workshops to help you deepen and develop your practice on and off the mat.

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