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Our open plan, light and character filled studios across Brisbane, might just be the perfect space for your next workshop, training or photo shooting.

Space Hire in the Heart of Brisbane

Book your next workshop, class, retreat or photo shoot with us! If you are seeking an elegant, tranquil setting for your upcoming event or session, our space could be the perfect backdrop for your vision. We have the ideal venue for your next:

Trainings & Day Retreats

Stretch offers a serene and rejuvenating environment, creating the perfect backdrop for immersive day and weekend retreats.

Private & Group

Our welcoming and versatile space is perfect for personalised instruction or dynamic group sessions, fostering growth and well-being.

& Courses

Our studio provides a serene and versatile environment, perfectly suited for a wide range of workshops and courses.

Film & Photo

Elevate your visual storytelling! Our serene and beautifully designed spaces provide the perfect setting for film and photoshoots.

Hire Stretch Yoga in Brisbane's CBD

Stretch Yoga CBD boasts two stunning studio spaces and a large reception space filled with natural light and completely air-conditioned - perfect for our warmer Brisbane weather. Each room can comfortably accommodate between 25 and 40 people for yoga classes, workshops and training events, music events or standing functions.

Elevate workplace well-being with Corporate Yoga at Stretch Yoga Brisbane. Tailored sessions for a healthier, more focused team. Bring balance to your office environment today.

Aesthetic Ambiance

Our thoughtfully curated spaces, adorned with calming decor and soft lighting, create a visually stunning setting that complements a variety of creative concepts.

Versatile Setting

Our studios offer versatility for various purposes and activities. Whether it's a fashion photoshoot or a mindful meditation course, our studios can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Access to Props

From mats, blocks, and blankets to bolsters, our studios are equipped with the essentials to elevate the quality of your programs and ensure a well-rounded experience.

Flexible Scheduling

Our studios are available for bookings at various times, during weekdays and weekends, allowing you to choose the schedule that best aligns with your plans and program.

CBD Studio 1

Step into the spacious embrace of Studio 1 at Stretch Yoga CBD, encompassing 110 square meters of versatile space. This studio offers a comfortable setting accommodating between 25 and 40 people for yoga classes and workshops.

Beyond yoga, it becomes an ideal venue for larger group activities, perfectly suited for training events, music events, or standing functions. Studio 1 provides the perfect canvas for a variety of activities, ensuring a welcoming, expansive environment for your events.

CBD Studio 2

The intimate charm of Studio 2 at Stretch Yoga CBD, encompasses 90 square meters of inviting space. Designed for smaller group sessions, workshops, or classes with a more focused setting, Studio 2 creates an ideal environment for close-knit gatherings.

With flexibility in mind, it offers a cozy yet dynamic space that caters to diverse activities. Whether it's a workshop, a specialised class, or a more intimate session, Studio 2 provides the perfect backdrop for a range of activities in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hire Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Stretch Yoga Holland Park boasts a generous 100m2 studio space that comfortably accommodates 20 to 25 students. The studio provides marked carparks right in front, along with ample free street parking. Whether it's photoshoots, sound and energy work, dance, or movement and embodiment events, our venue is the perfect canvas for a variety of creative endeavours.

Hire our Holland Park Studio
Discover the Stretch Yoga Holland Park timetable. Align your schedule with invigorating classes that nurture your well-being. Join our community on the mat for a harmonious journey to vitality.

The Nitty Gritty of Hiring Stretch Yoga

Here, you'll find pricing information, details on our facilities, and essential studio policies. This is quick guide to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience at Stretch Yoga. For all else, don't hesitate to use the form below to get in touch!
Hire Rates

Our rates start at $60 per hour for hires under or equal to 4 hours and $55 per hour for hires over 4 hours.

Full day hires (8 hours) are available at $400 with every additional hour charged at $45.

We charge  $700 for full weekend hires (Saturday and Sunday).

  • Venue hire terms and conditions apply.
  • A minimum hire duration of 2 hours applies during weekdays. On weekends the minimum hire duration is 4 hours.
  • Hires under 4 hours are to be paid in full to secure your booking.
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure dates for bookings over 4 hours, full day and weekend hires.
Additional Fees

Please not that we charge all hirers a $150 security deposit.


Availability is subject to change depending on our studio timetable and ongoing hire arrangements.

  • Yoga equipment incl. blocks, bolsters, chairs and straps.
  • Essential oil diffusers (essential oils are not included).
  • Air conditioning and heating for all seasons.
  • SONOS sound systems for quality audio for your music or guided sessions.
  • Clean and well-maintained restrooms.Kitchenette with ridge, water filter, kettle (CBD only).
  • Water and Coconut water for sale.
Yoga Props
  • Blocks: Support and elevate certain poses to enhance alignment and stability.
  • Bolsters: To aid relaxation, provide support, and deepen certain postures.
  • Straps: Assist in achieving stretches and maintaining alignment in challenging poses.
  • Yoga mats are available for hire at an additional charge of $2 per mat.
Studio Policies
  • NO Drugs: Our venue is intoxicant free. Smoking, drinking and other consciousness altering substances are not welcome.
  • NO Open Flames: We do not permit open flames or candles, including incense, sage, and smudge sticks.
  • NO Food Consumption: No food or beverages, other than water, are to be consumed in the studios or reception areas.

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