Your Yoga Teacher Journey Begins Here

Embark on a transformative 200hr journey, as you discover the depths of these ancient practices and unlock how you can share your passion for yoga.

2025 dates to be announced soon.

Expand, Deepen, Transform

Embark on our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, a comprehensive part-time program crafted for those looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of yoga. This transformative journey not only provides outstanding education but also prepares you extensively for your role as a teacher.

Yoga Theory & Practice

Join us for a progressive training that will empower you with the abilities to actively engage in and adeptly integrate theory, philosophy, and practical teaching skills to emerge as a fully qualified yoga teacher.

Expert Teachers & Guests

Our certified faculty members each possess a minimum of 500+ hours of Yoga Alliance certified training. Together, they share their expertise and dedication to create an immersive learning experience.

Part-Time Study  Over 6 Months

Our part-time course seamlessly integrates into your life. With dedicated intervals for reflection between sessions, it provides the flexibility to balance your personal, social, and work commitments.

Immersive & Varied Learning

Our curriculum is designed to offer you a holistic learning experience. Immerse yourself in captivating lectures, participate in teacher-led discussions, and engage in practical learning opportunities.

200H RYT Certification with Yoga Alliance

Upon completion of this program, you'll qualify to register as a 200RYT L1 International Yoga teacher. While Yoga Alliance registration is optional, whether you choose to register or not, you'll emerge as a fully qualified Yoga teacher, ready to take on the world.

Unveiling the Practice

Enhance your understanding of Yoga by delving into physical and energetic practices, immersing yourself in the intricacies of anatomy, physiology, and alignment for practical application in your regular classes. Broaden your perspective on the rich history and philosophy that forms the foundation of this transformative discipline.


Delve into key yoga concepts and philosophies, delving into traditional principles in a modern context and the depth of history that unpins it all.


Explore anatomical principles directly applicable to yoga asana practice through cutting-edge movement theories within a practical context.


Learn about the intricacies of the human body's functions, encompassing  skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems.

Yoga Asana

Practice physical yoga postures with precision and alignment. Go beyond the surface, and explore the subtle nuances of each pose.


Cultivate stillness and mindfulness: Acquire the techniques to guide students to a profound connection with the present moment and foster inner peace.


Study the science, techniques and mechanics of breath control to foster a harmonious balance between body and mind in each breath cycle.

The Art of Teaching

Find your inner teacher and refine your skills -  This segment covers purposeful sequencing, effective cueing, adjustments, the business aspects of yoga, ethical considerations, and inclusivity. Upon completion, you'll emerge as a fully qualified teacher, equipped with ample practice and the confidence to embark on your teaching journey in a style that reflects your unique approach.

Teaching Methodology

Delve into the nuances of voice modulation, rhythm, tone, and pace, all aimed at empower you to authentically discover and refine your unique teaching style.

Intelligent Sequencing

Learn to craft purposeful and effective class sequences and navigate the nuances of structure, flow, and progression, allowing you to refine your unique teaching style.

Hands on

Explore nuances of skillful and respectful touch, and hands-on assisting techniques, to enhance your ability to create a safe and transformative space for your students.

Teaching Practice

Hone your ability to lead classes with confidence and authenticity. Integrate theory into practical teaching scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

of Yoga

Gain insights into the entrepreneurial aspects of your yoga career, including marketing strategies, branding, and the practicalities of managing a yoga business.

Photo Shooting

Conclude your training with a personalised mini photoshoot designed to capture the essence of your authentic teaching style and showcase your individuality.

Course Dates

Our course is designed as a part-time commitment, so you can easily integrate into your life and have time to digest, reflect and dig deeper between each session.
The training will take place over the course of five months. The schedule for each training day may vary depending on the faculty as well as specific needs and pace of your group.
Daily Schedule (Example)
  • 8.30 am - Morning Practice
  • 9.30 am - Coffee & tea break
  • 10.00 am - Morning lectures & workshops
  • 12.30 pm - Lunch break
  • 1.30 pm - Integration & practice teaching
  • 5.00 pm - Closing circle

Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th

Kickoff Weekend: Welcome Circle, History, Philosophy, Energetics and Pranayama
with Nicky and Sarah Jane

Saturday, 10th

Anatomy and Biomechanics with Matt

Sunday, 25th

Vinyasa Yoga and Sun Salutations with Kristy


Saturday, 9th

Mantra, Meditation and Bandhas with Sarah Jane

Sunday, 24th

Physiology and Asana Lab with Victoria


Saturday, 6th and Sunday, 7th

Asana Lab with Sarah Jane and Kristy

Sunday, 21st

Energetics and Asana Lab with Kristy


Saturday, 4th

Asana Lab with Sarah Jane and Kristy

Sunday, 19th

Asana Lab with Paris  


Sunday, 2nd

Sequencing with Nicky

Sunday, 16th

Teaching Methodology and Inclusivity with SJ and Mandy

Saturday, 29th and Sunday, 30th

Written Exam and Business of Yoga with SJ

Teaching Practical Exam with SJ and Kristy


Sunday, 14th

Graduation Day: Photoshoot with Nicky G, Picnic Lunch, Reflection and Closing Ceremony with SJ & Faculty

Meet your Yoga Teacher Training Faculty

At the heart of our yoga training programs lies a team of dedicated individuals, carefully selected for their unwavering passion, commitment, and profound expertise in the art of yoga. Each member of our faculty brings a wealth of experience, having spent years honing their skills through extensive hands-on teaching in various settings.

Kristy Robinson

2024 will mark Kristy's 10th year of teaching and sharing the joy of yoga. Having trained with Dr Guarav Malik at the Ashtak Yoga School in Goa, India, Kristy joined the Stretch Yoga Teacher Training program in 2019. Having taught over 4000 classes over the course of decade, her knowledge and alignment stem from a combination of traditional Hatha Yoga training, her 18-year career as a dancer and a Bachelor of Dance (QUT). Kristy brings a warmth and playfulness to her teaching, and encouraging you to be your authentic self.

Matt Mulcahy

With 8 years of international teaching experience, Matt brings a modern approach to our faculty, emphasising anatomy and injury management. Matt trained at Sampoorna Yoga in South Goa, India, to where he returned for several years assisting on teacher training programs. During his time in London, he completed his 500 hours advanced teacher training with Jason Crandell. Matt is known for his down-to-earth and practical approach to yoga, bringing together traditional teachings within a modern context.

Nicky Grimsdale

Nicky has led 1000's of public classes, numerous graduate and post-graduate yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops around the world. Nicky's teaching encourages a balance of eastern energetics and western science, with simple methods and philosophy that’s both accessible and relatable. Nicky designed a playful, yet structured approach to sequencing. His classes take students on a journey of movement, unlocking areas of the body through gradual and intentional preparation for each posture.

Mandy Deshong

Mandy's approach combines the traditional teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga, reflecting her spiritual connection to the practice and drawing inspiration from her Indigenous heritage. Her foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity, with a commitment to empowering all people from various backgrounds. With a warm and positive "can do" attitude, Mandy is dedicated to providing a variety of alternatives in classes, ensuring that practitioners of all body types feel welcome and empowered.

SJ Cramond

With a background in education, aerial circus and performing arts, Sarah Jane encourages a playful exploration in her teaching style. Her love of yoga stems from a curiosity of how the body, breath and mind can work in unison to create more easeful life experiences, and unpacking how we can share those tools with others. SJ believes in creating safe, inclusive and respectful environments where you can learn and grow, to develop your own practice whilst uncovering your individual teaching style. 

Paris Collins

Leveraging her medical background, Paris's initial years of teaching have seen her focus on anatomy, biomechanics, and strength, leading her to seamlessly incorporate Pilates into her repertoire. Paris's teaching style shines in leading dynamic and invigorating vinyasa classes or guiding students through challenging Pilates sessions. Her passion for anatomy and biomechanics is evident, making her adept at creating impactful and transformative experiences for her students.


Years of Experience

As a nurturing space for students, teachers and yoga enthusiasts, we've dedicated ten years to fostering a community deeply connected to the transformative power of yoga.

Flexible Payment Options

We have flexible options to ensure there's a payment plan that works for you. You're welcome to pay a deposit, in full, or alternatively, a direct debit plan is available.

To set up a monthly or fortnightly direct debit plan, we require a non-refundable deposit of $499 along with subsequent payments spread over the duration of the course.

What’s included
Guidance of 500HR+ RYT Faculty
50 class pack to use at Stretch Yoga
Stretch Yoga Academy Tank
Comprehensive Training Manual
Professional Photoshooting
Official Graduation Ceremony  
Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Step 1

Pay a $499 deposit to secure your spot in this training!
Your $499 deposit secures your spot in this training. We will be in touch with a welcome email and to set up a payment plan if that is preferred.

Step 2

Pay you remainder in full or via a payment plan before course begins!
Pay the remaining $3,501 in full before course commencement, or choose fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understanding choosing the right course is a big decision, so we've popped some common questions here to help guide you. Please reach out if there's more you'd like to know - we love chatting all things YTT!
I work or study full time, can I still take this course?

For sure! We have designed our part-time course to fit in with your work, study, family and social commitments. We firmly believe in finding balance in all aspects of life, and giving ourselves time of both immersion and reflection to truely understand and integrate the learning.

Who is this 200hr Yoga Teacher Training for?

Any one and everyone! If you are looking to deepen your personal practice or wanting to become an incredible yoga teacher, our course is for you! We don't mind if you can't touch your toes, our students come from a varied background of ability and experience. Our only requirement is that you have at least 1 year of a regular yoga practice before being accepted into the course.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We require an initial deposit to secure your place, and thereafter we offer payment plans in fortnightly or monthly direct debits over the duration of the course.

Will I be able to teach Yoga after the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training?

Absolutely! After completion of all course requirements you'll be a confident and fully qualified Yoga Teacher! The only other things you'll need to teach is insurance, first aid and CPR training.

What are the requirements to complete this training?

Each module has reflective homework tasks, to help you build on and integrate your learnings. You'll need to take and log an additional 50 yoga classes. Over the course you will also take a written exam, submit a 60 min Vinyasa Class plan and complete a practical teaching exam to practice bringing all your newfound knowledge together!

Ready to join us or keen to learn more?

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