Two studios. One mission.

Together we create safe, inclusive spaces, where you can connect with yourself, move your body in ways that feel wonderful, and explore all the layers and benefits that yoga, pilates and meditation have to offer.


Brisbane CBD

A place for pause amongst the hustle and bustle, our light filled studio is an inner city haven.


Holland Park

Your friendly local yoga studio - set in the quite backstreets, a tranquil home away from home.

Vinyasa Yoga

A combination of conscious breath and fluid movement to cultivate strength, balance, and creativity.

Hatha Yoga

An introduction to yoga, emphasising alignment through a slower pace, for gradual strength and flexibility development.

Gentle Yoga

A slow-paced yoga class with gentle movement and breathing, includes lots of options, props and modifications.

Yin Yoga

A passive yoga style, with long, deep holds, creating space in your body while entering a meditative and grounded state.

Mat Pilates

A class designed to promote toning, stability, and mobility through the whole body, improving core and overall strength.

Yin & Nidra

Yin yoga followed by Yoga Nidra, a deep state of relaxation, leaving you  nourished, and with a sense of wholeness.

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Our yoga and pilates teachers

Our yoga teachers are more than just instructors; they are passionate guides on your journey to well-being. Each teacher brings their unique background, expertise and dedication to the practice, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for students of all levels.

Matt Mulcahy

Yoga Teacher. Exercise Physiologist. Educator.

Kristy Robinson

Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Dancer. World Traveller.

Erin Comerford

Yoga Teacher. Workshop Facilitator. Beach Lover.

SJ Cramond

Studio Owner. Intrepid Yogi Mama. Pilates Instructor.

Connect with us at Stretch Yoga Brisbane. Reach out for inquiries, class information, or any assistance you may need. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your well-being journey.

Danny Chow

Yoga Teacher. Dancer. Stretch Admin Superstar.

Leanne Gerich

Yoga Teacher. Educator. Nutritionist. PT.

Rocio Marte

Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Queen of Rest. Educator.  

Mandy Deshong

Yoga Teacher. Educator.
Curvy Yoga Facilitator.

Kelly Barnett

Yoga Teacher. Kids Yoga Facilitator.

Layla Aung

Yoga Teacher. Stretch Admin Superstar.

Tori Gill

Yoga Teacher. Prenatal Facilitator. Educator.

Jen Valdes

Yoga & Pilates Instructor. Stretch Events Coordinator.

Ella Belfanti

Yoga Teacher. Singer & Musician.

What's on at Stretch?

Each month we have a variety of offerings, courses and workshops to help you deepen and develop your practice on and off the mat.

What people love about us.

"Amazing studio with talented and caring teachers! Great for beginners or those who wish to advance their practice. This studio promotes the philosophy that yoga is for everyone and Stretch’s variety of classes and respect for students, backs that up."

Bonny M.

"Amazing teachers, awesome course material, extremely fun with a balance of a calm space. Everyone is treated with equality and is made to feel so welcome. If you love yoga and really want to learn it all with great ease, then Stretch is the way to go."

Meg L.

"Stretch is a very authentic business with two beautiful studios and so much choice when is comes to classes and workshops. If you are looking for a yoga studio with a friendly vibe and a real sense of community, you have found the right place!"

Charlotte K.

Get in touch

Do you have questions or are you looking to become a part of our Stretch Yoga community? Get in touch with us, and let's start this journey towards well-being and self-discovery!