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Postnatal Yoga for Mums and Bubs

Our beautiful Mini & Me Postnatal Yoga classes, at Holland Park on Brisbane's Southside, are a joyous combination of bonding with your baby, moving your body after birth and keeping yourself and your beautiful bub calm, happy and healthy.

Join us on the mat for a beautiful blend of connection with your little one, self-care, and the chance to meet and connect with other parents and caregivers. Step out of the house and relish in the joys of your postnatal period – join us on the mat and let us embrace this special time together!

Grow, celebrate, transform

Holistic postnatal wellness

Classes focus on opening tight areas of the body, mindful breath work and creating a beautiful connection with your baby through massage, play and joyful interaction. We'll work towards realigning posture, regaining strength, and enhancing pelvic floor function.

Community connection

Join a supportive community of nearby parents with similar-aged babies. Enjoy tea time at the end of each class to chat and connect. Our classes also include baby yoga poses to improve digestion, enhance coordination and motor skills, and offer a rich sensory experience.

Stress relief for new parents

Yoga helps balance hormones, energise the body, and awaken the mind. Release tension in the neck and shoulders from feeding and carrying your newborn. Through breath work, meditation, and moments of guided calm, reconnect with yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Join us on the mat

Experience the joy of bonding with your baby, rejuvenate your body post-birth, and foster a calm, happy, and healthy environment in our delightful Mini & Me Postnatal Yoga classes at Stretch Yoga Holland Park.

$24 / class

Stretch Yoga Holland Park

Your journey begins here

We're honoured to be part of your exploration of the world of yoga. At Stretch Yoga, we understand that the beginning of any journey is a crucial step, and we're here to make it as seamless and enriching as possible.

Meditation at Stretch

Modern movement & mindfulness practices.

Experience the perfect fusion of modern movement and mindfulness practices, seamlessly blended with yogic wisdom, creating a harmonious space for holistic well-being.

Stretch Yoga Holland Park & Brisbane CBD

A welcoming & supportive community.

Dive into a welcoming and supportive community, where your journey of self-discovery becomes a collective celebration, fostering a sense of belonging and encouragement.

Stretch Yoga Holland Park & Brisbane CBD

Dedicated & compassionate teachers.

Discover the transformative guidance of dedicated and compassionate teachers committed to nurturing your practice with personalised attention, and encouraging your growth.

Stretch Yoga Holland Park & Brisbane CBD

A place to learn & grow in a safe environment.

Feel secure, supported, and encouraged to explore the foundations of your yoga practice. Let our experienced instructors guide you, ensuring a gentle and accessible introduction to yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions or concerns about our postnatal yoga offering? We're here to help! Browse the selection of frequently asked questions, and if you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with our friendly team. We're here to support you on your journey!
How do I find Stretch Yoga Holland Park?

You can find our Holland Park studio at 50 Seville Rd, Holland Park - just next to Radiance Dance Academy on the corner of Seville Rd and Roscoe St.

Just look out for the beautiful brick building with parallel parks.

What does postnatal yoga involve?

Classes involve a mix of you doing yoga while bub is on a blanket or mat, yoga while you hold your bub (if they're awake), some baby yoga (massage and guided movement) and an opportunity to chat and connect with other parents at the end of class.

What if my baby is unsettled?

You're surrounded by other parents so we promise you're in a safe place!

We encourage, and will support you to cuddle, feed (breast or bottle), console and change your bub if they need it, the teacher may offer to hold your baby (if you and bub are comfortable with that) so you can get some hands free time in.

There's also an outdoor space or reception where you can step out for a moment to help bub settle, and if you bring a carrier we can help you to get some movement in hands free!

At what age can we start?

You can join us anytime after you have had your postpartum check up.

From there, it's up to you when you think you are ready to leave your house, start moving and start socialising - for some of us this is almost straight away, for some of us it might take a month or two.

What age can we come until?

This is really up to parental discretion. Our suggestion is that this class is appropriate until babies are actively crawling. In other words; up until they are moving too much to keep contained!

When babies move beyond crawling, some are happy to sit with their parent for long periods of time, and others not so much.  

When you start to notice bub is beginning to explore the studio space, is making it too far from you, may be disturbing the experience of other mums and younger bubs, or you are just up off your mat chasing them too often, it's probably time to find another activity you can both enjoy, that is a little more geared more towards your toddling bub.

What happens if I miss a class?

Life happens! We allow for one make up session, so if you miss a class, you're welcome to attend a session in the next round.

Any uncertainties regarding dates or additional info, please shoot us an email.

Our Stretch family offerings

Embrace the joys of parenthood with our specially curated monthly events, prenatal and postnatal courses, and family workshops. Elevate your practice both on and off the mat while fostering connections within our supportive yoga community.

Do you have questions or are you looking to become a part of our Stretch Yoga community? Get in touch with us, and let's start this journey towards well-being and self-discovery!